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Scheduling Software Success Story: Massage Therapist


Genbook is trusted by thousands of local merchants to schedule clients online, promote their reputation, and grow their business. Solo Massage Therapists are some of Genbook's most prevalent users. Here's why...

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The Challenge:

Morgan Sutherland opened his therapeutic massage practice in 2000 in Watertown, MA.  Morgan is an independent practitioner, and his goal wasn’t to hire more therapists, but to grow clientele and maintain the highest level of efficiency as possible for a sole operator.  Morgan’s biggest challenge was to find a massage appointment scheduling and client database software that would act as his virtual receptionist to complete many of his daily routine tasks.  Further, he wanted to find a way to better market his business online to new and existing clients.

The Solution:

Morgan adopted Genbook, and it not only solved his efficiency problem but also created new opportunities to market his business online.  He completely redesigned his website, and seamlessly integrated the Genbook scheduling software into the new site.  He also began utilizing Constant Contact, an email marketing software that helped Morgan market his services to his existing clients. Morgan’s newsletters included the Genbook BookNow button that links directly to his scheduling webpage – a compelling call-to-action for clients. 

Further, Genbook’s Verified Customer Reviews feature automatically invites his clients to submit a review of his business, relieving him of the chore of repeatedly asking them to do so. Genbook automatically emails “please write a review” invitations to his clients 24 hours after their appointments, ensuring his reviews are recent and authentic while generating ongoing feedback on his services. Morgan Massage quickly gained over 100 positive reviews, and his search engine ranking and his online reputation increased significantly.

The Results:

  • 99% of his clients book online at their convenience, saving Morgan many hours each week.
  • He can be in massage sessions while his clients are scheduling new appointments online.
  • In an average week, Morgan can service 20% more clients due to Genbook.
  • Morgan Massage has over 140 Verified Customer Reviews with an average 5-star rating.
  • The Genbook Facebook App enables Morgan’s clients to read his Reviews and schedule appointments directly from the Web’s largest social network.
  • Morgan’s website includes a “Read Verified Customer Reviews” button linked to his Customer Reviews page on Genbook.
  • His Genbook Verified Reviews and a scheduling button appear on Citysearch, Citygrid, and several other local search sites.
  • Genbook allows Morgan to keep important notes on his clientele along with their contact information all in one database, giving him easy access to the information he needs.

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